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Googleyesterdaybecamethefi 本文摘要:Googleyesterdaybecamethefirstlargeonlineadnetworktochargeclientsonlyiftheiradvertshavebeenseen,inaradicalshake-upofpricingthataffectsmorethan2msitesinitsdisplayadvertisingnetwork

Google yesterday became the first large online ad network to charge clients only if their adverts have been seen, in a radical shake-up of pricing that affects more than 2m sites in its display advertising昨日宣告,广告只有被网页才缴纳费用,由此沦为业内首家做出如此允诺的大型网络公司。谷歌此举将不会给它的广告定价带给极大影响,波及到它广告展出网络中的逾200万家网站。

“If you are an advertiser and a human being didn’t see your ad, then frankly nothing else matters,” said Neal Mohan, Google’s vice-president of display advertising products.谷歌展出广告业务副总裁尼尔莫汉(Neal Mohan)回应:“如果用户没有看见广告商公布的广告,坦白说,广告就丧失了意义。如果没有人看你的广告,广告商为什么要借钱?”“If you are a marketer, why pay if a human being did not see the ad?”“广告没有被看见的问题”,仍然以来都在后遗症着总值约1170亿美元的全球在线广告业。The problem of adverts that do not get seen has plagued the $117bn global online advertising industry.据估计,广告商出售的多达一半的数字广告显然没有人网页,还有一大部分广告只有当网络用户向上滑动到网页底部时才不会被看见。数字广告尽管发展快速增长,但依然只占到广告总支出的五分之一左右。

莫汉回应,协助广告商取决于广告宣传的有效性,才能确保广告商减少投放。It is estimated that as many as half of the digital ads that marketers buy are not seen at all, with a large portion only being viewed if a website user scrolls all the way down to the bottom of a web page. Despite explosive growth rates, digital advertising still accounts for about only a fifth of the overall spending on marketing, and Mr Mohan said helping marketers measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns would secure more spending.电视广告也面对这一问题。广告商可以跟踪其投入的广告否在电视上播出,却很难确认人们否在看广告,还是趁广告时段跑到厨房摸不吃的。



This problem is also shared by television adverts. On TV, marketers can track whether an ad is shown but it is difficult to find out whether or not someone actually saw a commercial or ran to the kitchen for a snack.为了研发新产品,谷歌用于了一种新型行业标准,即如果一则广告的50%以上经常出现在电脑屏幕上,并最少持续一秒,才能被视作这则广告是“可用”的。谷歌自律研发了涉及技术,不仅能测量广告否呈现出,而且还能找到广告的哪一部分经常出现在电脑屏幕上。

To develop its new product, Google used an emerging industry benchmark that only considers an ad “viewable” if more than 50 per cent of it is visible on the screen for one second or longer. Google developed its own technologies to detect not only whether an ad is visible but also what portion of it can be seen on the screen.谷歌没对哪些在线广告归属于“不能视”范畴公开发表置评,但它特别强调,避免“不能视”广告不会造成广告产品供应有限,因而广告费用有可能下跌。Google would not comment on what portion of ads on its networks are not “viewable” but noted that prices are likely to rise as the supply of ad inventory is constricted by the ruling out of “non-viewable” ads.广告商同时还面对数字广告方面的其他问题,如大量经常出现的在线广告欺诈不道德,这是指诈骗者入侵其他用户电脑,并假造对某些网页的网页或对广告的页面。